"The new application form is 10 pages long. Only those directly affected by the project or those with a particular expertise relevant to the project will be considered. In the case of expertise, the NEB requests that the applicant send a resumé or letter of reference that describes their area of expertise."

Hey Canada! Want to participate in a public hearing on a pipeline project happening near you? Get ready to do some serious paperwork. And unless the pipeline is going through your very own backyard or you have credentials and documentation, the National Energy Board doesn’t want to hear from you.

Still not clear what “directly affected” constitutes, but seeing as the oil and gas sector is basically our only growth industry right now and seeing as terminal proposals on the West Coast almost invariably come with a drastically increased risk of catastrophic spill the pool of people who see impacts from major new oil projects is a huge chunk of the population. And it’s pretty clear a ten-page application form isn’t meant to facilitate participation.

(via jakke)

Well. This isn’t concerning at all.